The Overcome Emotional Eating course helps success-driven women stop stress eating and feel in control around food.

When you have more tools for coping with emotions other than just food, your energy, mood, and confidence get better. 


  • Having dessert, savoring each bite, and NOT feeling guilty or out of control.

  • Blowing off the stress of the day with something that makes you feel better instead of worse.

  • Feeling energized (instead of sluggish because you skipped meals all day...then overate at night).

  • Eating until you’re comfortably full – instead of stuffed and bloated.

  • Soothing your emotions in ways that bring you real comfort. 

Stress eating has been on the rise since lockdown began...for obvious reasons.

The (well-meaning) advice to "just ride it out" probably felt doable at first.

But now we're almost a year in.

You want to understand why you're stress eating and what to do about it...

...all without guilt and shame.

You want to have other ways to meet your emotions without solely using food.

The Overcome Emotional Eating Workshop will help you:
  • learn powerful mindset shifts to stop feeling guilty for stress eating
  • understand the roots and spectrum of emotional eating
  • distinguish between emotional and physical hunger
  • learn how to read to your body’s unique signals
  • develop your customized plan for coping with stress (without food!)

You get:
  • Video workshop (fully captioned)
  • Audio file for easy listening
  • Full text transcripts
  • Workbooks
  • Bonus boundary setting scripts PDF - How to Say No to Shit You Don't Want to Do


  • 1

    Let's Get Started

    • Course Overview

    • What You'll Learn (Watch this First)

  • 2

    Part 1 - Understanding Emotional Eating

    • Overcome Emotional Eating Part 1 - Workbook

    • Emotional Eating Spectrum

    • Your Emotional Eating Activators

    • Decoding Your Hunger

  • 3

    Part 2 - Coping with Emotions without Food

    • Overcome Emotional Eating Part 2 - Workbook

    • How to Read Your Emotions

    • Filling Your Emotional Bucket

    • Creating Your Personalized Plan

  • 4

    Bonus Guide

    • Boundary Setting Scripts


"Simply knowing I have the strategy to work through a craving helps me feel stronger already." 

- Molly

"Thank you!! This is so helpful and so needed, especially this time of year when the shame spiral gets out of control." 
- Keri

"I love intentionally asking myself those questions about what I need." 
- Amanda

7-Day Happiness Guarantee 

I want you to be satisfied. Immerse yourself in the Overcome Emotional Eating Course for 7 days. If you participate fully, I know you're going to make progress. However, if for some reason you aren't satisfied, contact the team at to request a refund within 7 days of purchasing the course.