You're Ready to Start Eating Healthier BUT...What's the First Step?

Take the First Step with the Mindful Eating Toolkit

Eating healthier and having a better relationship with food is absolutely possible. The Mindful Eating Toolkit helps you get started by building your skills in two key areas: AWARENESS + HABITS. Let's get started!


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You Get...

The Mindful Eating Toolkit includes instant access to:

  • Four powerful lessons on making healthier eating stick

  • Audio recordings so you can listen on the go

  • The Mindful Eating Tool spreadsheet

  • Mindful Eating Companion Workbook

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Let's Get Started

    • Begin Here

    • Mindful Eating Workbook

  • 2

    Lesson 1 - Explore Mindful Eating

    • Audio Recording

    • What is Mindful Eating?

    • Distracted Eating

    • Examples of Mindful Eating Practices

    • What’s the Difference Between Mindful Eating and Intuitive Eating?

  • 3

    Lesson 2 - Mindful Eating Motivators

    • Audio Recording

    • Focusing on What You Want

    • Finding Your Here-and-Now Motivators

  • 4

    Lesson 3 - Habits that Stick

    • Audio Recording

    • What is a Habit?

    • Habit Loop Examples

    • Basic Do’s and Don’ts of Creating New Habits

  • 5

    Lesson 4 - Build Your Stack

    • Audio Recording

    • What is a Habit Stack?

    • Why Habit Stacking for Mindful Eating?

    • How to Make Your Mindful Eating Habit Stack

    • Best Practices &Tips

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